Fight the Power

The death of the American Empire

Everyone is guilty
We’re all to blame,
America is dying
Like a choked out flame.

From the CEO’s
To the wall street bankers
Defrauding the American sheeple
Like a bunch of British wankers.
Madoff made off with billions
And wanted a jail out.
Bankers and car companies want a

BP’s lies, no more fish frys,
Oil slicks and chemical sky’s.
Save the gulfs people
As fast as FEMA can.
Kill the spill, no more drill,
Let BP foot the bill.

Japan quakes like hot pastrami,
Try and surf your house
While riding a tsunami.
Gotta react before
Reactors melt
Shock waves over the
World were felt.

Home alone,
Don’t need a home loan.
Stop calling me on the phone,
Anytime and every hour,
Time to storm Bastille


Celestial eyes 2 x 5 latex, oil & spray paints on stretched canvas

This paintings inspiration came from from watching Jackson Pollack create a huge painting outdoors. A lot of critiques say people like or dislike his paintings based on if they like the palette. I began this painting by adding gesso to an old painting, after drying I made some basic shapes with the oil followed by spraying it and blending the spray and oil. Finally , i finished by throwing, splattering, and dripping the latex paint at the canvas. This painting is currently on sale for $1000. Contact if interested.



I wrote this poem in college in 1988. The digital drawing was done on the iPad 2 with the bamboo paper app.

When we met she did not
And now I don’t.
Our love is hidden,
Hers in chains,
But for hearts sake
We must refrain.
Time cannot tell
Crystal balls can lie,
The Red Rose she smells,
The madman must die.
I love you, I say,
For I’m willing to lose.
Figure it out
With no more clues.